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NEOMA Business School is celebrating this highly important programme that allows under 30 year-olds (graduates and non-graduates) to enjoy an experience abroad.

In addition to speaking a foreign language, the Erasmus + programme enables students to acquire valuable skills such as flexibility, openness to others, adaptation to new habits and a different culture. Such qualities are recognised and sought after by recruiters, which means added value on the job market.

Academic exchange periods are a highly rewarding experience, as the two following students testify. For Grégoire, who travelled to Estonia to study at the Estonian Business School: "This exchange was so much more than I had imagined. Discovering the country, travelling in Northern Europe, encountering different cultures, I would highly recommend this experience."
An adventure shared by Marine, who spent her exchange at Newcastle University. "I discovered an incredible place to live and study, and where many international students were also on exchange. Spending time in an English-speaking environment clearly helped me improve my English skills," says the young student.

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International experience? a strong conviction for NEOMA BS

In a globalised world, it has become more and more important for young people to gain experience abroad. The School has made this an integral part of its overall strategy and is working every day to improve the quality of the students' overseas immersive experience. "Mobility is an integral part of the NEOMA BS strategy. We favour small-group exchanges with our worldwide partners," says Michel Motte, Director of Exchanges & International Development. "This allows students to enjoy a truly international experience, whether on internship or academic exchange. On this point, Erasmus + and NEOMA BS are perfectly aligned."

For this first semester 2019, the school has no less than 650 Students currently benefitting from an academic exchange scholarship or on internship in Europe, whilst almost 200 students from 60 different partner schools are now studying at NEOMA.