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Thematics :

High potential La Halle Groupe managers have recently completed a "Developing high potential managerial excellence" training programme. A diploma directly related to the NEOMA BS Global Executive MBA Skill Set n°5 on Leadership Development.

16 Groupe La Halle staff members (2 groups of eight) followed the 12-day training course certified by NEOMA BS in close collaboration with our partner, Aneo/Mauricette. The training course is held on the Paris Campus and includes modules on leadership and management. A number of themes are covered including: managing time and priorities, becoming a responsible and independent manager, leading and supporting change.

An original training module, dedicated to equicoaching

La halle2A particular feature of this programme is the module entirely dedicated to equi-training. Horses are highly appreciated by learners and are given an educational role by helping develop assertiveness (the ability to express oneself and defend one's rights without infringing those of others).

To conclude the programme, the participants appeared before a jury that included Charles Waldman (Jury Chairman), Director of Training at LA HALLE and partner of Aneo/Mauricette.