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The international conference "The new Silk Road Strategy in China: access to green growth for European and Chinese industries", co-organized by the NEOMA BS Confucius Institute for Business will be held on November 19 in Paris.
The meeting is being held at a time when the new Silk Road strategy is raising considerable interest both in Central Asia and Europe, a few weeks before the COP21 World Climate Change Conference.

This major event will bring together EU and Chinese policy makers, scientists and leaders of multinational companies at the Chinese Cultural Centre, in the heart of the French capital. It will be attended in particular by Zhang Lirong, Minister Counsellor of the Chinese diplomatic mission to the EU, as well as Guiqi Cao, Vice-President of Huawei France and Runhui Lin, Associate Dean of Nankai University.

The event will provide an occasion for an in-depth analysis of the environmental concerns raised by this new trade route between China and Europe. "The environmental issues related to the development of synergies between Europe and China will be extensively addressed on site", said Haiyan Zhang, Director of the NEOMA Confucius Institute for Business – Rouen.
A focus during the discussions will be on the possibilities for cooperation to facilitate an inclusive, balanced and ecological trade route, and on the political implications of the "green" Silk Road for the Chinese and European governments.

"The event will also provide an opportunity for our Institute to strengthen its network, and set up new contacts with potential partners", added Haiyan. "As a major ambassador for Franco-Chinese relations, it is normal for us to be deeply involved in this type of initiative."

This international high point follows on from the Economic Forum on eco-mobility and food security held on 12 June last, co-organized by the NEOMA Confucius Institute for Business, under the high patronage of Laurent Fabius, French Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Access is free and open to all. Prior registration is required. Information and registration

International Conference on New Silk Road Strategy, 19 November
19 November; 13:00-18:30
Centre Culturel de Chine, 1 Boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg, 75007 Paris, France.