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Thematics :

On 6 July 2023, Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) named the winners of the 2nd year of its prize for pedagogic innovation. NEOMA received an award for pedagogic innovation in the category focused on e-learning and hybridisation for its Interactive Learning courses (iLearning).

NEOMA iLearning are scenario-based, immersive and interactive courses that have been used since 2021. Developed as a series, they include several episodes and use different forms of media to continually engage the students. Learn more: ‘iLearning’: courses where the student is the hero

After the AACSB “Innovations that Inspire” in the spring, it was the second time these new generation courses have received recognition.

With this prize, the CGE acknowledges NEOMA’s drive to involve students in their education and adopt their ways of learning and living. ‘The teaching of digital transformation is strategically important to both students and staff. It is essential that schools address and embrace this subject’, the award organisers said.

Renamed the Prix Jean-François Fiorina in honour of its creator and the jury’s first president, who passed away last year, the CGE pedagogic innovation award is all the more valuable since it stands as peer recognition of the innovative pedagogy applied in the school.