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Following the audit carried out at the beginning of July involving around 50 staff members, NEOMA Business School has been awarded the Qualiopi certification. This new requirement from the French Ministry of Labour attests to the quality of the School’s training courses.

The Qualiopi certification has been awarded to the School for a 3-year period and includes the following categories:

  • Professional training,
  • Validation of acquired experience (VAE),
  • Work-study training.

This State certification introduced in 2019 is extremely important, as it permits our learners to receive public funding for their apprenticeship and professionalisation contracts, VAE or continuing education programmes.

“No areas were identified as not complying with requirements, proving that our procedures meet Qualiopi standards. It acknowledges the quality of the professional training we provide.” Bénédicte Dulaquais, Director of the Accreditations, Certifications and CSR Department, is glad to say.