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NEOMA Business School and the French National Gendarmerie signed a partnership agreement that will come into effect at the start of the 2021 academic year. The two institutions will thus accomplish their common interests in training executives, particularly in the expertise of crisis management.

As part of this partnership, NEOMA will invite officers to contribute to some of its training programmes, particularly the Global Executive MBA, a high-level managerial programme that supports executives in their career growth.

This partnership with the National Gendarmerie represents an exceptional opportunity for NEOMA in two ways. Every year, we will be able to host several high-level applicants from among this institution’s officers in the Global Executive MBA and encourage the programme’s participants to share their diverse and valuable experiences. The partnership also offers our experienced participants the chance to discover the Gendarmerie’s best practices and access activities and exclusive seminars with high added value,” said Olivier Lefaivre, head of the business unit of the Global Executive MBA, who initiated this partnership.

It is an opportunity for the National Gendarmerie to offer its senior officers curricula different from those traditionally offered internally and to expose them to various disciplines and professional environments.

This is the case for Commandant (Major) Emmanuel JACOB, Deputy Head of the office “Quality and Studies” of the HR database, Executive Management of National Gendarmerie, who started the Global Executive MBA programme this past October.


“I chose to take the Global Executive MBA at NEOMA Business School because of its decidedly international focus and its grasp on the future challenges at a time of globalisation and major societal changes. This programme is offered completely in English, and the diverse backgrounds of its alumni and the high quality of its speakers and instructors provide a unique openminded outlook on the challenges that executives will be called on to manage in the future.

The Global EMBA will open me up to advantages and avenues for innovative research so I can contribute to the transformation of the National Gendarmerie in order to enhance its service offer and help gendarmes perform their tasks with the assurance of receiving modern operational support adapted to their missions and their expectations, which will ultimately contribute to providing improved service to the general population.”

In this mutually beneficial agreement, NEOMA will have the unique opportunity of learning and applying the institution’s best practices. The Gendarmerie can in fact hold conferences with guest speakers, presentations on professional expertise as well as crisis management operational exercises and role playing.

For example, a seminar on crisis management in hostile situations will be offered to select participants in the Global Executive MBA. This specific seminar, issued by the Centre National d’Instruction au Ski et Alpinisme de la Gendarmerie Nationale (CNISAG) (National Ski and Mountaineering Training Centre of the National Gendarmerie) in Chamonix, will be an exceptional moment for sharing management experience in adverse or extraordinary situations.

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Global Executive MBA

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