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This year, members of PEACH, a humanitarian student society on the Reims Campus that is committed to helping on a local level, have decided to set up a new street roaming project.

The principle is simple: to roam the streets of Reims every Thursday between 12h00 and 14h00 giving out food, coffee and chatting for a few minutes to the homeless.

“These walks are really quite a moving experience because the people we are helping open up and tell us their stories, which are all different. For example we met François, a man in his fifties who had recently lost his job and who could now only afford to pay his rent. He finds it difficult to accept food aid, and asking for money is something new and very painful for him. He finally accepted a sandwich from us… half of which we found in the hands of Gérard, another homeless man sitting in the next street,” says Maël Cannavo, President of Peach.

The patrols are carried out by groups of 6 and each week two places are reserved for non-members of Peach, either students or NEOMA staff. By opening up their activities in this way, the student society members hope to raise as much awareness as possible on the precarious situation many people find themselves in and to enable anyone who wants to get involved helping those in need to do so. NEOMA student societies HeforShe, Cheer Up, and Pearl Hunters list are already in.

Follow the PEACH students on Facebook et Instagram.

Contact:  communication.corporate@neoma-bs.fr

“We look forward to roaming with you!” says Olivia Removille, Communication Manager.