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BDO Guillaume FOntaine diplômé de NEOMA
BDO Guillaume FOntaine diplômé de NEOMA

A 2020 MiM graduate, Guillaume Fontaine joined the firm BDO as a financial auditor, a profession that he has found stimulating for over three years now. He shares the reason behind his choices.

You became an auditor at BDO. Did NEOMA prepare you for this career?

The Master in Management Programme involves learning to be versatile and connected with everything. In the end, auditing is a bit the same thing. You need to be able to connect with all the various positions and professions in a company, from purchasing to sales and cash management.

The rather diverse curriculum of NEOMA and my involvement in student societies taught me how to feel comfortable by starting to work in auditing.

Why did you choose BDO after NEOMA?

I was looking for a company that offered a good work/life balance. Then, I wanted to work in a smaller, intimate company where I could have a significant impact. At BDO, communication between employees, managers and associates is very natural.

When I arrived at BDO, I had an integration seminar that was called “The Schools”. That helped me immediately connect with people from my “class” who I would possibly work with for several years, as well as the project heads, directors and associates. It was a very friendly experience!


What do you like about auditing?

Ultimately, the fact that you’re always learning. We work on financial, accounting, analytical and internal control aspects. We change tasks almost every week, which leads us to meet with very different companies. This diversity is really enriching.

Also, we assume more responsibility very quickly. It’s my third year at BDO and I already manage a team. It’s very challenging. You never get bored!

What advice would you give to students?

Contact us, or more seriously, come listen to us. Try as much as possible to reconcile your personal interests with your profession. For me, I can play sports in a professional setting. I enjoy different sports sessions that are regularly organised at the office. There is something for everyone: football, basketball, squash, pilates, running, etc.


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