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Thematics :

NEOMA develops its students’ taste for entrepreneurship. Some of them join the School’s incubator to set uptheir project. We have devoted a series to them entitled “Graduates incubate”. The first episode in this series focuses on the start-ups that are investing in the services and entertainment.  




We are … 

Victor and Céline Labrusse,  both of them from the 2012 MiM programme in Reims.      

Our business

Hati Hati – It means “heart heart” in Indonesian because the idea started while travelling around the world with the woman who became my wife.

Who is it for? For any disorganised person who is looking for a cool activity to do even at the last minute and at the lowest price in the Ile-de-France region.

The positives of my time in the NEOMA start-up lab

It really helped us structure our project and have an ideal work environment. And of course, we could talk every day with other entrepreneurs who were facing the same challenges.

My entrepreneur advice

You can’t gain anything without risking something.

Jean baptiste Pinthon NEOMA SEZAME

I am…         

Jean-Baptiste Pinthon, 2020 MiM in Entrepreneurship         

My business

Sezame is the key for opening the door to the best hotels close to your home. Sezame makes luxury hotels accessible. You can have special experiences in the most wonderful 4- and 5-star hotels without having to sleep there by enjoying their spas, massages, tastings, brunches, fitness areas and much more. Sezame essentially sells experiences for pairs (romantic couples for example) as well as thematic experiences (father’s day, Christmas, etc.).

The positives of my time in the NEOMA start-up lab

I found an optimal work environment, a network, discussions about best practices, best plans and methodology and advice among the other incubated entrepreneurs.

My entrepreneur advice

Keep going. Your efforts pay off in the end. Set up the right people around you. That’s the key. Work smart. Concentrate on actions that can move you forward rather than on details. You can work on details when you have the time and the team.


We are … 

Robin Lesueur and Grégoire Vergnot, 2022 MSc Business Development and Key Accounts            

Our business

Robin loves cars and me (Grégoire), I always wanted to help people. Starting there, we came up with the idea of creating AutoJust! Because today, one out of every six used cars is sold by a careless or malicious seller.

At AutoJust, we assist those who don’t know anything about cars. We make sure they avoid hidden problems, doctored odometers and damaged parts. Looking at the name “AutoJust”, it is easy to understand our values: safety, honesty, trust and fairness.

Who is it for? Any person who wants to buy a second-hand car and is unsure about the vehicle and doesn’t want to travel to check it out. For any person who wants to be reassured before buying it.

The positives of the NEOMA start-up lab

The major one was that the incubator provided us with a work environment with offices and legal support, marketing help, etc. We were also constantly in contact with other entrepreneurs, and their advice helped us to overcome certain obstacles.

Our entrepreneur advice

If you have an idea and if you think you have the entrepreneurial spirit, get started. As a student, now is them time when you are the freest to start your business.


We are… 

Thomas and Alexandra LANGLET, brother and sister. Thomas Langlet: 2020 graduate of the CESEM programme at NEOMA Business School and 2022 graduate of the Master in Business Development and Key Accounts.

Alexandra LANGLET: 2007 graduate of the Global BBA programme at NEOMA Business School

Our business

UNIT3D is the first digital library for sports souvenirs. UNIT3D stands for our desire to create a community of united fans and the number 3 refers to the three parties involved: event organisers, the audience, and UNIT3D.           

– innovation: emphasising a new entertaining concept

– development of online visibility

– interaction with a wider audience

– development of a partner offer with new support

Who is it for? Our service is intended for all event participants and/spectators.

The positives of the NEOMA start-up lab

The NEOMA BS vision of entrepreneurship and the role of the incubator in the school were a huge help to us. In 2022, we chose to apply to the NEOMA BS incubator on the Paris campus and that allowed us to join the attractive and innovative start-up hub while taking advantage of the offices and consulting to improve the project’s feasibility.

Our entrepreneur advice

For us, the most important thing is to not be scared to try your luck.  I think that entrepreneurial experience is very enriching and it can only be a positive in a professional career.


I am …  

Adrien Gateau             

CESEM – Class of 2011            

My business

Beegoodz (ex-Happy Larry) is the first service for hiring different equipment (camping equipment, karaoke sets, film projectors, candy floss machine, etc.) Beegoodz creates kits that included all you need for the experience. It’s an alternative mode of consumption to that of purchasing, which helps you spend, store and pollute less. 

The positives of the NEOMA start-up lab

A free office in Paris, we could never dream of such a thing when we started! That immediately provided us with a professional environment, so we didn’t have to work on our couch. Also, the NEOMA network for meeting investors and raising funds and the mutual assistance among entrepreneurs about common problems. Some of them had jobs before joining the incubator, so there were a lot of different skills on various subjects in the incubator. When adding them all up, we nearly had an expert on every subject who could help us.

My entrepreneur advice

Get started quickly. Bring a product quickly to market that you can refine as you go along.