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Thematics :

NEOMA develops its students’ taste for entrepreneurship. Some of them join the School’s incubator to set up their project. We have devoted a series to them entitled “Graduates incubate”. Episode two: a focus on start-ups in the food market.


NEOMA StartupLab MXO Cocktails

I am …

Nicolas Michaud, 2012 MiM in Reims (2017 graduate)

My business

MXO Cocktails, is a premium, artisanal, bottled cocktail brand. It is now possible to prepare a bar-quality cocktail in a few seconds without worrying about technique, ingredients or equipment. All you need to do is pour the cocktail in a glass with ice.

Who is it for? Friends who like to share good products and have new tasting experiences within 45 km of the production site.    

The positives of my time in the NEOMA start-up lab

A work setting providing the structure to develop the business and a boost through the group workshops and advice from the incubator manager.

My entrepreneur advice

  1. Talk as much as possible about your idea with those around you to gather advice
  2. Sort through the information and blend it with your skills (research, benchmark, professional diploma)
  3. Get out of your head and dive into the market as quickly as possible
  4. Plough ahead!


NEOMA StartupLab Café des guerriers
NEOMA StartupLab Café des guerriers

I am …

Samuel Tessier,  2016 MiM Programme.  Major in Finance, Auditing and Management           

My business

Café des Guerriers is a line of coffee that contains medicinal mushrooms well known for their health benefits. We offer coffee without the undesirable effects of caffeine to give you more energy, better focus and less stress.

The positives of the NEOMA start-up lab

Support and advice in the creation and development of my business.

My entrepreneur advice

Study your market well