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Thematics :

Sonia BOUSSAGUET, professor at NEOMA BS, has just released “L'entrée dans l'entreprise du repreneur: Un processus de socialisation repreneuriale” (the arrival of a new owner in the firm: a process of new-owner socialisation) published by PAF (July 2014).

“The aim of this study is to shed theoretical, empirical and practical light on the question of arriving in the company, the last stage of a process of acquisition by an individual entrepreneur. The concept of organisational socialisation is used as a frame for the analysis, as being likely to provide appropriate ways to improve understanding of the integration of a new owner-manager in an SME.  The study then turns to what we call “new-owner socialisation.” Based on a study of a wide range of cases (8 cases, 39 interviews), the findings are as follows: model of the process of new-owner socialisation, identification of socialising agents (role and importance in the process), and emphasis on the specific nature of new-owner socialisation and on the need to manage it.”

Source: the publisher, PAF