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Thematics :

Huaiyuan HAN, professor at NEOMA BS, has just released “Chine, une certaine vision de l'histoire” (China: an individual view of its History) published by éditions de L’Aube (November 2014), co-written with Yves Wintrecert.

“After stimulating the imagination of the European intelligentsia in former times, today China provokes at the same time admiration, interrogations and apprehension. Yves Wintrebert and Huaiyuan HAN contribute to our understanding of China by presenting thirty or so stories taken from books that are around twenty-five centuries old, well known to sinologists but that will be new to non-specialists. Most of all they have had the original idea of contrasting these ancient stories with other more recent, highly topical ones that we hear about in the media every day.” Alain Reynaud
The book teaches us about Chinese storytelling culture: where we think of History with a capital H, they interweave anecdotes qui that have made up the fabric of their culture across the centuries. Instructive and fascinating. Source: Editions de L’aube

Huaiyuan HAN is a NEOMA Business School professor in the department of Economics, Cultures and International Affairs.