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Thematics :

Isabelle WALSH, professor at NEOMA BS, has just released “Découvrir de nouvelles théories, une approche mixte et enracinée dans les données” (Discover new theories, a mixed approach grounded in data) published in June 2015 by EMS in their collection Business Science Institute.

Publisher’s Presentation:
This book offers an original applied approach to Grounded Theory. The method makes it possible to carry out productive academic research developing new theories that break with the existing literature. Such an approach involves combining qualitative and quantitative data to develop theories with the broadest possible scope. The book illustrates the method with a mixed typological research design.
The method proposed in this book can be applied in all Social Science disciplines and is suitable for a wide range of researcher profiles (PhD, DBA, and Executive DBA). In this book, grounded theory is viewed as a meta-theory of research design, whose methods are aimed at organising and building inductive research grounded in empirical data. The author reviews the founding principles of grounded theory and, from a philosophical perspective of critical realism, applies them to the use of mixed quantitative and qualitative data.

Isabelle WALSH, PhD, HDR is a professor in the NEOMA Business School department of Economics, Cultures and International Affairs [+]