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Eric Fimbel, Serge Costa (NEOMA BS) and Sophie Canevet-Lehoux have just published the French version of Management Information Systems by Kenneth and Jane Laudon, 13th edition.

“Internationally recognised for its rigor and completeness, this textbook proposes a multidisciplinary approach to information systems. It explains how information systems can improve decision-making and increase profitability, enabling managers to use information systems to make both strategic and operational gains.”

The 11th edition including e-text and answers was also published in September 2013. [+]

Éric Fimbel is a teacher-researcher at NEOMA Business School. He is also a member of LIRSA (Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Recherche en Sciences de l'Action) and CNAM (Paris) and works as an information systems consultant for private and public firms He is the author of  Alignement stratégique published by Pearson France. [+]

Serge Costa is a teacher-researcher in information systems at NEOMA Business School and specialises in e-commerce and economic intelligence. [+]

Source: Publisher’s website, Pearson France

Management des systèmes d'information
Edition: 13th edition
Authors: Kenneth Laudon, Jane Laudon
Adapted by: Eric Fimbel, Serge Costa, Sophie Canevet-Lehoux
Publisher: Pearson
Published: 13 December 2013