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Thematics :

Carlos Rabasso, professor at NEOMA BS, has just released the second edition of “Introduction au Management Interculturel. Pour une gestion de la diversité ", co-written with Francisco Javier Rabasso, published by Ellipses, collection ‘Gestion,’ in January 2015.

Publisher’s Presentation:

This introduction to intercultural management and diversity management takes a critical look at traditional management styles. The book is in four parts. Chapter 1 deals with cultures and identities. Chapter 2 examines different management styles. Chapter 3 looks at intercultural skills within the company and finally, Chapter 4 analyses diversity management in multi/intercultural firms. This book invites readers, whether management students or senior executives, to take an active part in looking for alternative solutions in a society experiencing a crisis of cultural identity. In a constantly changing world, intercultural management can represent a path towards greater harmony between peoples and their cultures.

Source: Editions Ellipses

Carlos RABASSO, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Economics, Cultures and International Affairs [+]