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Caroline ANDRE and Emmanuelle RIGAUD-LACRESSE, professors at NEOMA BS, have just released “DROIT DU MARKETING: Les stratégies marketing optimisées par le droit” (MARKETING LAW: Marketing Strategies Optimised by Law) published by Ellipses (October 2014).

This book is co-authored by professors from two different disciplines: Marketing and Law. Two combine the two subjects successfully, the authors followed the three major phases of the marketing process when writing this book: upstream, development and downstream.
The originality of this book is that it shows the benefits of combining two disciplines often practised and taught independently.  For the “Marketing and Law” duo creates value. By associating them, companies can improve their performance. The authors show that knowledge of law, or at least a continuous dialogue between marketers and legal experts, is a way of optimising marketing projects. The book should be used by both managers and students in management sciences or law as a useful, practical aid.
The book also aims to be a teaching tool. It sheds new light on the joint application of marketing and law. It is supported by testimonies by professionals (company heads, marketing directors and legal officers), tables, figures and case studies. The latter in particular illustrate the marketing and legal concepts that practitioners and students need to master.

Source : Editions Ellipses

Caroline ANDRE is a professor in the Department of Accounting, Control and Legal Affairs, NEOMA Business School.

Emmanuelle RIGAUD-LACRESSE is a professor in the Department of Marketing, NEOMA Business School.