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Thematics :

Ioana LUPU (NEOMA BS) just published “Carrières de femmes - Identité, socialisation et vie familiale dans les cabinets d’audit et d’expertise” (Women’s Careers – identity, socialisation and family life in auditing and consulting agencies), a new book by Editions Vuibert, in the collection FNEGE (May 2014).

Ioana LUPU is a professor in the Department of Accounting, Control and Legal Affairs at NEOMA BS, Rouen campus. [+]

At a time when many are questioning the notion of “gender,” this book sets the record straight and explains the mechanisms that make it rare for women to hold positions of responsibility. 

This lively, detailed investigation analyses the representations that women have of the obstacles they have to face and the inner motives that determine their success or, on the contrary, their lack of professional success.  The scarcity of women in senior positions develops progressively throughout their career from its beginning.

The study deals with auditing and consulting agencies, but can be generalised to all specialised agencies and beyond to the whole of professional life.

This book is aimed at all those who are interested in the problems of gender and professional inequality, particularly the HR departments of large agencies and firms, but also HR consultants and researchers.