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Thematics :

Gaëlle Le Guirriec-Milner, professor at NEOMA BS, has just released the fourth edition of “L'essentiel des mécanismes de l'économie” (Introduction to Economic Mechanisms), published in July 2015 by Gualino in their collection Carrés Rouge.

Presentation by the publisher:
“L’essentiel des Mécanismes de l’économie” (4th edition) is a rigorous, practical, up-to-date summary of all the knowledge the reader needs. 14 Chapters. Everything is there!

- Undergraduate students (Law, Political Science, Economic and Social Administration)
- Business and Engineering School students

Gaëlle Le Guirriec-Milner, PhD, is a professor in the NEOMA Business School department of Economics, Cultures and International Affairs [+]