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A presentation of the French banking system, L’Essentiel de la Banque, written by Catherine Karyotis, has been published this month by Gualino.

“The seven chapters of this book present the foundations of the French banking system. It highlights the role banks play in local and international regulations, and the principal features of bank accounting.  Then it looks at the financial crisis that began 2007 and its impact on the banking business model. Finally, it gives a glossary of the principal concepts dealt with. In all, the book is a brief, rigorous, practical presentation of the French banking system today.

This book will be particularly interesting for:

  • Business school students
  • Bachelor and Master degree students in Economics and Management
  • Candidates for  professional banking exams
  • Any new bank employee

Catherine Karyotis holds a PhD in Management Sciences, is authorised to supervise research and is a professor at NEOMA Business School – Reims Campus and member of the research laboratory LIRSA-CNPAM-Paris. She is the author of numerous books and articles.”


Source: the publisher www.lextenso-editions.fr