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Thematics :

Emmanuelle RIGAUD-LACRESSE, professor and researcher in brand strategy and luxury brand management at NEOMA Business School has just released “New Luxury Management, Creating and Managing Sustainable Value Across the Organization,” co-written with Fabrizio Maria PINI, professor and researcher in brand management and digital marketing at MIP Politecnico di Milano published by Springer International Publishing AG in January 2017.

Moving from conceptualisation to distribution of luxury products and services, the book provides an integrated approach to the full value chain.
Emmanuelle RIGAUD-LACRESSE and Fabrizio Maria PINI are the co-Directors of the International Master in Luxury Management, a unique double-degree programme created jointly by NEOMA Business School (France) and MIP Politecnico di Milano (Italy). The book illustrates the objectives of this programme: to deliver a curriculum specialised in how to understand, create and manage value in the luxury sector, from the product design to distribution.

Publisher’s description:
Presenting a vision of the luxury sector and its management, this edited book describes “the new luxury” through a comprehensive view of the value chain, from concept to market. The authors argue that the main characteristics of “luxury” are linked to specific resources and competencies found throughout the value chain and that value is a result of the interaction between the brand and stakeholders, and more precisely with their clients. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, New Luxury Management encompasses both strategic and functional aspects of luxury management, providing innovative solutions to the successful creation and management of value across the organization, from leadership, human resources, financial management, marketing and economic perspectives.

NEOMA BS professors, experts in different areas, have contributed to the enrich this interdisciplinary work: Maria RUIZ, Laurent HERVE and Stéphane FOURNEAUX (Finance), Ruxanda KMIEC (Talent and Career Development Unit), Caroline ANDRE (Legal Affairs), Karina JENSEN (Human Resources ).

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