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Thematics :

What better way to examine management and leadership values than attending a 2_day rugby-themed seminar? This is precisely the opportunity given to the Objectif Manager programme participants at the French National Rugby Centre in Marcoussis in mid-June!

The two days were spent studying an “Efficiency and collective performance” module featuring a range of activities: 

  • Presentations given by an expert in the field
  • Workshops on values in the world of rugby: introduction to the New Zealand culture and the Haka, practical exercises on passing, tackling and collective strategy on the playing field
  • Special site visit
  • Discovering professional playing facilities

The seminar also provided an opportunity to bring participants from Reims and Rouen together.

Associated programme

Objectif Manager

A springboard into management positions, adapts to your professional schedule and allows you to increase your understanding of key business operations
  • 3 days per months
  • 10 months
  • Reims, Rouen