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The second year of the Objective Manager programme with the Matmut Group was launched on 15 September, on NEOMA BS’ Rouen campus.

The Matmut Group is deeply committed to the development of the skills of its staff, and this year it has renewed its trust in NEOMA Business School by registering a number of them for the Objective Manager programme.

19 of the group’s staff have joined the 18-month programme this year, aiming to develop their managerial skills and gain promotion to management positions.

The launch took place in the presence of Mr Pierre-Yves Tual, General Secretary of NEOMA Business School, Mr Daniel Havis, President of MATMUT, Mrs Dominique Levacher, Deputy Managing Director for Human Resources and employee relations at MATMUT, the Matmut management team, the students on the programme and their managers.

The partnership is absolutely in line with the mission that NEOMA Business School has set itself: to train talents to serve the development of their organisations.

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