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Thematics :

How can we decrease a nine-ton carbon footprint to just two tons by 2050? What are the individual and collective actions that need to be put in place? This is the challenge of the 2tonnes Workshop, organised on the NEOMA campuses. In January, the students in the MSC Sustainability Transformations programme took part in a serious game in the classrooms. They talk about this educational experience.

Atelier 2tonnes 2024 NEOMA

Education about climate challenges is one of the keys for action

At the start, we were shown the concepts and issues of climate change. The participants didn’t have the same level of knowledge and they learned from one another. They had eight turns to gradually go from nine/ten tons down to two tons by selecting their own actions. It was valuable comparing the very different choices that in the end led everyone to reduce their carbon footprint. Education about climate challenges is also one of the keys for action”. Baptiste, Msc Sustainability Transformations student and 2tonnes workshop organiser.

« Au départ, on présente les concepts et les enjeux du dérèglement climatique, les participants n’ont pas le même niveau de connaissances, et ils apprennent des uns et des autres. Ils ont huit tours pour progressivement passer de 9-10 tonnes à 2 tonnes en choisissant leurs propres moyens d’action. C’est intéressant de comparer les choix très différents qui mènent tous au final à réduire son empreinte carbone. L’éducation aux enjeux climatiques est aussi une des clés de l’action ». Baptiste Gadaire étudiant Msc Sustainability Transformations et animateur atelier 2tonnes :

The workshop’s strength is in showing solutions

We were worried about causing eco-anxiety, which young people already feel. The workshop’s strength is in showing that there are a lot of solutions out there. It was a success for the organisers because we had never done it before. I felt that all the participants were really involved and the discussions sprung up among them on environmental subjects that they had never thought of before. Biogas for example. We saw that we can have an impact on people. It was great! I want to keep going”, Anna, Msc Sustainability Transformations student and 2tonnes Workshop organiser.

NEOMA Atelier 2tonnes 2024

The workshop made me want to step up my commitments

It seemed to me that I make a lot of daily effort to be ecological, and yet my carbon footprint remains very high. the 2tonnes Workshop showed the harmful effects of air travel in my lifestyle. I decided to not take any flights this year and continue taking the train. The workshop made me want to step up my commitments, including maybe becoming an awareness workshop organiser like with Climate Fresco or the 2tonnes Workshop”, Nella, Master 2 MSc Global Management student.

NEOMA Atelier 2tonnes 2024

Discussing our knowledge

It was a great first experience! We participated in a 2tonnes workshop some months ago with other Msc Sustainability Transformations students before being trained to lead them ourselves. We had the chance to organise the workshops for the first time for willing students in Reims and Rouen during the Impact Now week. I really enjoyed discussing low-carbon transition issues with them, sharing our knowledge and the action levers that exist. That made me want to lead other 2tonnes workshops even more”! Dany, Msc Sustainability Transformations student and 2tonnes Workshop organiser.

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MSc Sustainability Transformations

Become a change-maker for a sustainable future
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