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Thematics :

As part of its sponsorship of the MiM Class of 2022, Parfums Christian Dior opened its doors to our students. It was a chance for them to enter the world of a house that cultivates excellence and is one of the major global players in the perfume industry.

LVMH Research Centre Tour – ‘Helios’, February 2023

The human resources teams at Parfums Christian Dior offered the MiM M1 students a tour of ‘Helios’, the LVMH research centre located in Saint Jean de Braye in the Loiret Department. This site unites the group’s researchers that work at the service of the different houses.

During this personalised, expansive day-long tour, our students were able to:

  • Visit the site and meet multiple researchers
  • Learn about the international distribution centre of Parfums Christian Dior, a global production and distribution facility for the house’s products
  • Witness the application of the famous Dior knot
  • Have a look behind the scenes at how online orders in France and throughout the world are processed

The HR teams highlighted the importance of artisanal expertise in both research and logistics.

It was a great opportunity for our students to discover the field of possibilities for their careers.

Tours of the Dior Gallery, April 2023

Over several sessions, our students had the privilege to visit the Dior Gallery in Paris, near the boutique located on Avenue Montaigne.

This gallery retraces the live of Mr. Dior and the brand’s world that he explored, namely perfume and fashion design. It includes the different fashion designs from the house’s different artistic directors.

An enchanting moment amidst the diverse, dream-like world of the Christian Dior House.


Impression from Audrey, MiM student

‘We had the chance to participate in one of the major meetings organised as part of the sponsorship between Parfums Christian Dior and NEOMA. How wonderful it was to be able to discover the Dior heritage during this tour. Thank you, Imen Mejri, Leïla Bezzour and Maude Corrieras for accompanying us, and thank you to our hosts for their passionate sharing of the Dior house’s history’.

HECTAR, May 2023

HECTAR is the largest European agricultural campus and its goal is to perform testing and propose innovative solutions for sustainable farming. Our students had the opportunity to participate in two workshops:

  • Introduction to agriculture based around the sector’s challenges and regenerative farming, as well as a tour of the dairy farm
  • Introduction to floriculture and the transformation workshop, and herbal tea creation

>>Report on the tour by Parfums Christian Dior

Business Case, May 2023

To close out the academic year, Parfums Christian Dior offered our students a business case based on the following issue: How to build loyalty among GEN Z customers in luxury beauty?

The final presentation of the case took place on 22 May at the head offices of Parfums Christian Dior with the operational teams in attendance.

The two winning students of the case will be invited this October for a private tour of Château de la Colle Noire, the icon château of designer Christian Dior.

>>Leïla Bezzour, Head of the Mission Projects Department gives her impression of the Business Case finale

Associated programme

Master in Management

With the Master in Management become a top-level business leader, capable of meeting the expectations of organisations all over the world.
  • Full time
  • 2 to 3 years
  • Reims, Rouen