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On our Rouen campus, students in the HR, Finance/Control/Management, and Entrepreneurship majors on our Grande Ecole Programme have tried a new learning experience: “Online Speed-recruiting.” This new exercise shows that NEOMA Business School is serious about developing innovative teaching methods to serve our students and develop their knowhow and social skills. The new project is an extension of the speed-recruiting sessions that were launched four years ago on our Rouen campus.

Five minutes in front of a camera to convince an employer
In all, 245 students took part in our online speed-recruiting session, as preparation for entering the job market. This new recruitment method, which is all the rage in France and internationally, involves undergoing a video interview that can be viewed later on.
The candidate records the short interview him/herself, using an internet platform, to support their application, answering questions provided by the firm beforehand. “The online Speed-recruiting method replaces the preliminary telephone interviews in the recruitment process, which are difficult to organise (when diaries are already very full), and enables a larger number of applicants to be assessed,” explains Isabelle Chevalier, Director of the Talent & Career Development Unit, who initiated the project.  The recruiter can get a good idea of the candidate’s profile and strengths in a few minutes.
So, at the end of September, students in these majors were invited to undertake the exercise by   logging onto “Visio Talent,” a recorded video interview tool launched by two former Grande Ecole students. “The participation rate was 95%, which is an encouraging result, and we will certainly plan more sessions in the future.”

Positive feedback from our business partners
To organise the simulation successfully, making the conditions as close as possible to real life, the School obtained the participation of the Visio Talent network. “More than a dozen firms accepted the invitation to participate.” Each video recorded by the students was rated at between one and five stars, and the firms added explanatory comments. “The idea was to highlight each student’s strengths and areas for improvement.” The feedback from the professionals was clear: 100% of them enjoyed the exercise, and are ready to repeat this initial experience. “Some firms even offered actual job interviews to a number of students.”

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