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Thematics :

At the beginning of October, the new PhD in Management students at NEOMA began their programme on the Reims campus.

For the first week in Reims, the doctoral students, who come from Egypt, Turkey, India, Lebanon, Venezuela, Algeria and the U.S., were welcomed by Fouad Ben Abdelaziz, director of the doctoral school, Gaël Bonnin and Stéphane Lhuillery, professors at NEOMA.

Over the next three years, the new doctoral students will divide their time between their research and their courses. Four of them will remain on the NEOMA campus for the first year. They will be assigned to the research department as research assistants working with professors. The others will prepare their research projects off campus with the aim of then presenting their theses at the end of the third year.

The programme’s objective is to help these students land professor-researcher posts or to help them find positions in research department or centres at large companies.

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