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Following his nomination as finalist, Adilson Borges was awarded the Special Jury Award for his article “Les effets des modèles retouchés par ordinateur sur l'évaluation du produit et sur l'estime de soi des jeunes filles” (the effects of computer enhanced models on product evaluation and self-esteem in young girls) published in Recherche et Applications en Marketing, at the sixth edition of the Prix Académique de la Recherche en Management, on 3 April.

The purpose of the Prix Académique de la Recherche en Management, organised each year by Syntec Conseil en Management in partnership with FNEGE and Expansion Management Review, is to promote publications in Management Research and to encourage discussion and interaction between leading researchers in the field of Management Sciences and Strategy and Management Consulting Agencies.

“Personally, the recognition is very satisfying,” explains Adilson Borges, “but it is also an illustration of the relevance of the research carried out at our School. We have always defended our aim of developing rigorous research - in line with the highest international academic standards, but also relevant – in line with the expectations of business. This type of event is an excellent opportunity for our work to confront the reality of the business world.”

Adilson BORGES, Associate Dean for Faculty de NEOMA Business School, is also Programmes Vice-President of the Academy of Marketing Science and the author of several articles on retail consumer behaviour and on social marketing.

His work has appeared notably in Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Business Research, Marketing Letters, Journal of Retail and Consumer Services, Recherche et Applications en Marketing, and Journal of Retail and Distribution Management.

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