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Questions over the purpose and value of work and the search for meaning have take on an important role in the past several years, and the effects of the health crisis have only heightened their significance. According to an APEC study, at the end of 2020, 94% of executives considered it important to have a meaningful job.

The professional world is undergoing transformation at every level (digital, environmental, managerial, etc.), forcing companies to go through permanent reorganisation and demanding employees and executives to constantly adapt. How can you keep a sense of consistency in your career path and continue to provide meaning to your career in this kind of context? The rapid pace of the transformation makes certain people want to set back and take some time to think about their career choices and aspirations while putting together a professional transition project.

Pursuing an Executive MBA to gain further support in this quest for meaning is one of the avenues to be considered. This is a particularly stimulating project that you carefully construct after a period of deep reflection. And what if taking a step back helped you to accelerate your career and give it greater meaning?

Seeking out meaning in work, a personal undertaking

While experts in management and professional coaches can offer a new perspective on your career path, the search for meaning (in work, in your career, in your relationships with your co-workers, etc.) still remains a personal undertaking, with an answer that does not come exclusively from the world around you. This search for meaning is closely tied to an individual’s value system, with each person being free to provide suitable answers that help to align their personal and professional aspirations.

The desire for career reorientation and a search for meaning can take shape in different ways, from a transition towards new positions to an even more profound change: launching an entrepreneurial project, aspiring to take on executive functions, seeking to transition towards an international career and more.

Strengthening your skills and managerial practices

For some people, a professional transition will include ongoing education and the search for a new degree o they can assume to greater responsibilities. The Executive MBA is one possible resource since it can build up your skills in the major strategic areas of a company while also increasing your self-confidence, developing your soft skills and perfecting your managerial practices.

The Executive MBA uses a comprehensive approach that offers participants a solid outlook on current and future challenges. It also helps them to work on themselves so they can better structure their aspirations and thereby reorient their career. Once the degree has been earned, this programme can make a difference in job interviews and open different doors that were once closed.

Expanding your horizons and extending your professional network

While the various motivations for pursuing an Executive MBA are different from one participant to another (changing job sectors, taking on greater responsibilities, beginning an entrepreneurial venture, etc.), the search remains the same: assuming greater responsibilities, moving upwards to better things and giving your career meaning in a shifting, complex and uncertain professional world. This world is distinguished by the accelerated digital transformation and increasing environmental concerns, ethical questions and corporate social responsibility.

The EMBA welcomes professionals with different horizons and diverse pathways. By stimulating the desire to strive in a group setting and encouraging meeting different people, this excellence degree provides a human experience developed over several months and offers many opportunities to enrich your culture and cultivate a professional posture through interactions with other participants and the exchange of practices. It is a source of personal growth that has a direct, positive effect on your self-confidence.

Requesting “Professional Transition Project” CPF support

There are programmes and initiatives to help applicants change jobs or professions and begin their professional transition project. This includes the “Professional Transition Project” personal training account or CPF.

Some Executive MBAs are eligible for this financial support. It can be used to provide a portion of your salary during the course’s duration (even part of the ancillary fees) and a part of the course’s costs

The Executive MBA, an experience offering meaning

The Global Executive MBA at NEOMA BS is an excellence degree that offers participants a collective, human experience that helps them in their professional transition projects. It is a high-level programme that is adapted to the transformations of the professional world and society, by placing at its core various questions concerning the digital transformation, responsibility, value creation and personal development. The search for meaning, whether individual or collective, occupies a major place in the programme.

Its objective is support tomorrow’s leaders in structuring their careers and giving them the key skills and strategies so they can fully assume their positions and responsibilities in the current and future challenges in the professional world and society.

Associated programme

Global Executive MBA

Expand your strategic skills, your leadership and your network with this programme of excellence.
  • Part time
  • 15 to 20 months
  • Paris, Shanghai, Tehran