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This new elective in the NEOMA Business School Grande Ecole Programme, “The public sector, job opportunities and consultancy work” appears at a time when the public sector represents more than 50% of French GDP.  “Despite this fact, business school students know little about the sector and its economic significance,” says Valery Michaux, a member of faculty and coordinator of the new opening elective. As well as an original topic, the module offers students an original approach, combining classes with teaching staff and alumni testimonies.

A topical elective
A vast array of different, often very topical topics is tackled in this opening elective: smart cities, new public management, marketing cities and regions, local finance, etc. The feedback from students who have already followed the module stress the knowledge they have acquired. “After following this module I understand better the challenges of territorial reform and its impact on local players, including companies,” explains Lucille. “Now I see better how the public and private sectors interact,” adds Charlotte. “Just because you work in the public sector, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t working all the time with private firms. And vice versa. You can easily work in the private sector providing services for national or local authorities.”

An innovative collaboration between teaching staff and alumni
Discussion with graduates who are now working in the sector or in consulting firms that specialize in the sector is a central aspect of this module. The “Public Affairs” club in the School’s Alumni association is moreover a partner of the new elective. This novel “teacher-alumni” approach is one of the strengths the module, as Amine emphasises. “The graduate testimonies about their opportunities and experience in the field are really appreciated.”

The appreciation is shared by the alumni involved in the project. Frederic Malet, an alumnus and founder of the consultancy Axioval, explains his reasons for taking part in the module. “I wanted to show the students that they really have a future in the public sector in terms of employment. It’s a much more changing, dynamic sector than is generally realised,” explains the graduate, who began his career in an international organisation before setting up his own public sector consultancy. “If young people are dreaming of a permanently changing sector, this is where they’ve got to be!”

Support for both firms and institutions To launch this module successfully, the School also benefitted from consultancies such as France Consult and CapGemini. The local authorities, in a period of intense change due to the current territorial reform, also took part, with representatives from the Rouen Normandy Metropolitan Area and the Marne la Vallée–Val Maubuée urban area.

“After this first success, the elective, which this year was offered on our Rouen campus, will soon be extended to the Reims campus, in partnership with the Reims Metropolitan Area,” concludes Valéry Michaux.