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Thematics :

Anne Prevost and François Pottier, professors in the NEOMA BS Department of Accounting, Control & Legal Affairs have published “Guide to student associations: The Development of a community project, a source of personal and professional enrichment”, from Éditions EMS publishing house (February 2018).
Publisher’s Presentation:
(Book in French)
“This guide to student community life is a multi-disciplinary book. It focuses legal and accounting issues linked to the operations of associations as well as managerial issues linked to know-how and soft skills.
Its purpose is to share a rich experience spanning many years of interactions and discussion with students, to pass on the understanding that the apprenticeship is all encompassing, combining all types of technical skills with what is today called soft skills, meaning those tools related to behaviour and relationships.
This learning process will form a solid experience, lead to the acquisition of different skills and make the participants attentive while on their personal and professional paths, learning these new skills.
This book aims to help you raise your awareness so that you can expand your knowledge and your ability to reflect, thereby living a fuller association experience filled with meaningful encounters with other people as well as with yourself.”