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Early November saw second-year students on the Consulting and Auditing Track of the NEOMA Master in Management programme (PGE) spending a day at the Audit and Consulting offices of PwC Luxembourg, as part of the ‘Approaching the Audit’ course.

Inside an audit and consulting office in Luxembourg

For several years now, PwC Luxembourg has welcomed our 2nd year MiM students on the Consulting and Auditing Track as part of their ‘Approaching the Audit’ course. The aim of this day is to show how a consultancy functions from the inside and to create opportunities for discussion in an atmosphere of straightforward friendliness with the alumni who work there,” explains Nathalie Subtil, Head of the Department of Accounting, Control and Legal Affairs at NEOMA.

The 110 students from Reims and Rouen enjoyed a very full immersion day: a site visit, a course on audit for banking and audit of funds by PwC, then time to meet the NEOMA graduates working for the company. “The discussions were very friendly, held in a totally relaxed atmosphere, which was what impressed our students the most, along with having exclusive access to those magnificent premises!” continues Nathalie Subtil.

We were very pleased to welcome the NEOMA students and to know they enjoyed their visit to our company!” concludes Tsybulyak Anastasiya, Campus Recruitment Office at PwC Luxembourg, who was delighted by this collaboration.

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