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Thematics :

The aim of this week, devoted to entrepreneurship in all its forms (activity creation, the social economy, cultural and non-profit projects, start-up companies), is to raise awareness  and  encourage students and teachers to become involved in the subject by promoting initiatives, structures, and support systems in the Reims area.

The event is coordinated and organised by POTENTIEL (the Champagne-Ardenne operator of the national student entrepreneurship scheme PEPITE), supported by its partners, including NEOMA Business School, Reims campus.

On the programme: meetings with professionals, entrepreneur testimonies, creativity workshops, competitions and many other events to stimulate the students’ entrepreneurial spirit whilst developing their sense of responsibility, organisational skills and teamwork ability.

The event is open to students, recent graduates, and anyone less than 29 years old.  It will take place between 30 November and 4 December in the Reims metropolitan area, particularly on the city’s campuses and in student social areas.

Find out everything you need to know about Student Entrepreneurship Week at www.potentiel-ca.fr