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Joonas ROKKA has received the “Judges’ Choice” award for the best consumer research film during the annual conference of the Association for Consumer Research (ACR).
Organised this year in Baltimore, USA, this is the world’s most well-known and influential conference in the field of consumer research.

"Follow Me on Dead Media: Analog Authenticities in the Alternative Skateboarding Scene" is the result of research into an unexpected trend: Whilst the digital media has become omnipresent in the contemporary society, this research takes a closer look at an unexpected trend: why do some consumers and subcultures turn to analog media instead? Consumers are not only longing for neglected analog media because of nostalgia but they find it a new space for creating meaning in a world overloaded by the digital media. Insights are offered from an unlikely context: the alternative skateboarding scene in Helsinki. See the film by Joonas Rokka, Pekka Rousi and Vessi Hämäläinen. (30’)

Joonas ROKKA is a professor in the NEOMA Business School Marketing department. This is the third time he has won this prize, which is awarded for very high quality work, considered as a major contribution to the advance of knowledge.

Conference Site: Association for Consumer Research North American Conference

A review of the film on: http://nonuse.org/creating-meaning-in-the-abandoned/