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Thematics :

This is the strategic priority of NEOMA BS research activity, in a competitive environment in permanent transformation.

“Our current environment is changing extremely fast. Only three of the world’s ten leading companies in 2000 were still on that list now. Today, these continual changes are opportunities for strategic, organisational and human development as much as they are a silent threat. In such an environment, characterised by permanent innovation, we have to make sure we understand situations before our competitors, move faster, innovate, and experiment. In other words, we have to be proactive. This requires adaptive leadership to promote continual transformations throughout the organisation, and sometimes even its value chain and ecosystem.

NEOMA Business School will continue to develop “challenge driven” research, rigorous and relevant for today’s organisations and companies facing increasingly uncertain, complex circumstances (saturated markets, the constraints of permanent innovation, unprecedented development of technological possibilities, complex economic and financial phenomena, difficulty in apprehending strategic alternatives, etc.).”

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