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Thematics :

Huai Yuan HAN, professor at NEOMA BS, has won the 2015 ATLAS-AFMI-CCMP award for the best case study in international management, co-written with Laurent Giraud of the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole (IAE Toulouse) in partnership with the NGO Ressources Humaines Sans Frontières (RHSF).

The prize-winning case, entitled Implementation of a socially responsible HR system in an industrial firm in China, “chronicles an authentic management situation. It was developed in partnership with Petzl (a French firm). It gives a very interesting idea of the relations between the firm and its subcontractor, Polyunion (a Chinese firm). The case enables students to learn about the challenges of corporate social responsibility in the context of global outsourcing,” explains Huai Yuan HAN.

The ATLAS-AFMI-CCMP award is the result of a partnership between the French-speaking Association for International Management (Atlas-AFMI,) and the Centrale des Cas et Médias Pédagogiques (CCMP),  which together organise the Award for the Best International Management Case Study every year.  The problem presented in the case must involve international development strategies (sales, purchasing, and investment) in three phases: initial conquest of international markets (phase 1), local development of these markets (phase 2) and coordination of global presence in these different markets (phase 3) (source Atlas/AFMI-CCMP).

Huaiyuan HAN is a professor in the NEOMA Business School department of Economics, Cultures and International Affairs.