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Thematics :

Students, teachers, researchers, and professionals from the tourism and wine sectors came together for a conference entitled “Managing and promoting a place: tourism, sales and research perspectives” on Friday 7 February at NEOMA Business School, Reims campus.

The originality of the meeting, centred on wine, was that it compared the perspectives of four speakers from very different backgrounds.

Mónica Figuerola, director of the tourist board for the autonomous community of Rioja, presented the genesis of the wine tourism development strategy in this region in the north of Spain. See the visual aidsListen to the presentation

Her contribution was followed by a presentation by François Morissette, a wine grower and co-manager of a vineyard in the Niagara region in Canada. He spoke of his experience and his view of the notion of terroir in this atypical region. Listen to the presentation

Next came a presentation by the wine merchant Fabrice Parisot, who presented current trends in the wine market. He stressed the importance   of origin and the growing interest of consumers for so-called “natural” wines.  See the visual aidsListen to the presentation.

In the last presentation Aline Brochot, a CNRS research engineer, investigated the impact of the UNESCO label on wine regions, on the basis of her research findings.  See the visual aidsListen to the presentation

The conference was organised by the NEOMA Business School Place, Value & Identity Research Group (formerly known as Wine, Place & Value), which investigates the links between origin products and their production environment from the commercial, marketing and managerial perspectives.  This team of NEOMA BS researchers aims to develop a network of scientists interested in this topic in order to develop fruitful partnerships and increase its scientific production.