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Graduates of our ECAL programme (Ecole du Commerce et de l’Alimentation), which has become the Bachelor in Retail Management – ECAL, have been members of the great NEOMA ALUMNI family, the NEOMA Business School graduate association, since October 2016.
To celebrate this “christening,” NEOMA ALUMNI invited the programme’s graduates, management, faculty and students to a meeting on 30 January.

A very special guest was present to demonstrate the enormous benefits of the programme: Gérard Dorey, who graduated from BRM-ECAL in 75, was until 2015 executive director of Carrefour local stores, and is now President of the federation of local stores (Fédération de l’Epicerie et du Commerce de Proximité).
Professors, students, recent and not so recent graduates, all enjoyed listening to his energetic and encouraging message. Gérard began work at 14 as an apprentice in a corner store, went back to school at 21 on the ECAL programme, and became a member of the Carrefour executive board by 2006.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for Céline Davesne, NEOMA Business School Associate Dean for Programmes, to reiterate her intention to promote this programme, described as a “jewel,” and for Daniele Pederzoli, the programme director, to describe the unavoidable changes made to course contents (digitalisation, inclusion of non-food retail, etc.).

Finally, Samy Bouguern, BRM-ECAL 16, currently sponsored by our Rouen campus business incubator, where he is developing a marketplace for sneakers, presented his project.

To unite the forty or so guests, Franck Quévillon, the administrator and leader of the Normandy alumni tribe, presented NEOMA ALUMNI, its DNA and its services. The message was heard loud and clear, because already several alumni plan to join the retail club and those who are locally based will be attending the monthly meetings of the Normandy Club.

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