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In January, Master in Management students worked for four days on real case studies linked to ecological transition issues. Régis Blugeon, Group Social Affairs Director & HRD France at Saint Gobain, a NEOMA partner, talks about this experience.

Regis Blugeon, Saint Gobain, partenaire de NEOMA

‘I am delighted to see students put their minds to the test and express their innovative and creative ideas about the group. Saint-Gobain was a partner for the first Hackathon organised by NEOMA Business School a few days ago. It was a challenge that brought one thousand students to the Reims and Rouen campuses to work on a given issue over three days.

For Saint-Gobain, the topics encouraged the teams of students to think about a hypothetical reinvention of our distribution brand POINT.P – SGDB France, imagine a new business that the group could launch and find new solutions to optimise the recycling of construction waste.

Congratulations to the winning teams that took home the Saint-Gobain prize. Contributing to this type of event is really valuable for us. We want to encourage students in their studies and career plans. They are welcome to come to Saint-Gobain to learn, discover and develop their skills.

Thanks to Virginie Chevriot, Adèle Carpraux, Emilie Gabriel and Pieter Begel for their participation and organisation for Saint-Gobain, and thanks to Sophie Duché and Olivier Giacomini at NEOMA for their warm welcome’.

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