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From 4th June to 11th July 2018, two young entrepreneurs, Quentin Le Gall, a Graduate Programme student, and Laura Mendès, co-founders of NEOMA BS incubator startup Sauce Moutard, toured France to present their project.

Their concept? Select the most beautiful restaurants in numerous French cities where you can work during the day whilst enjoying discounts and special offers on their services and products. For only €9.90/month (first month free, no commitment), travelling workers, whether businesses or individuals, will have access to unique locations that adhere to the Sauce Moutard charter: a perfect sense of hospitality, home-made food and uniqueness. Their French tour took them through various French cities: enough to complete their Guide du Moutard 2018, a pocket guide book referencing all their partner establishments in France!

We met with 120 restaurants in total! We selected only 63, however, to guarantee a quality of service and our future clients’ satisfaction. We now offer our services in 19 French cities and are continuing to expand,” said Laura and Quentin.
The startup is continuing its development supported by the Station F Founder’s Programme for another few months. Thanks to the launch of a private app, Sauce Moutard’s members can now pinpoint all the regularly updated partner restaurants and meet other members of the community. From 2019, Sauce Moutard will start working in the rest of Europe to expand its services. For more information, please visit www.saucemoutard.com.