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Sébastien Dubois, sociologist and professor in NEOMA Department of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, joins the editorial board of Poetics, the leading international arts journal. Interview.

What does this position on the editorial board of Poetics mean to you?

It’s the recognition of my research work because Poetics is the most renowned journal in my field. I have been published here many times and I regularly review articles for the journal, so this appointment is in some way the culmination of my long-standing involvement with Poetics.

This appointment perfectly demonstrates NEOMA’s commitment to the arts over the years, illustrated today by the MSc Cultural & Creative Industries, as well as other courses, student activities, the institution as a whole and the desire of its president, Michel-Édouard Leclerc, to encourage the promotion of culture throughout the School.

This is an international journal with very few French people on the editorial board, so it is also a clear sign of the quality of research and teaching of arts at NEOMA. Professors often use the empirical research published in Poetics for their lectures, and students for their dissertations, case studies etc. For me, this is an opportunity to play a greater role in the very latest debates and research on the arts, and to share this with my students and colleagues.

What are your ambitions for this appointment?

To work with the editorial board on substance, avenues for research and the recognition of the journal in other research fields. I’d like to invite all researchers working on themes such as social change, the state of the market, organisations and careers to explore the extensive corpus that Poetics offers.

About Poetics:

Poetics is an interdisciplinary journal of theoretical and empirical research on culture, the media and the arts. Particularly welcome are papers that make an original contribution to the major disciplines – sociology, psychology, media and communication studies, and economics – within which promising lines of research on culture, media and the arts have been developed. Source

Associated programme

MSc Cultural & Creative Industries

Become a successful manager in the cultural and creative sector
  • Full time
  • 15 months
  • Rouen