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Thematics :

In October, NEOMA graduates came back to the school’s campuses to share their experiences with the students in the Master in Management Programme.

649 students in the second year of the Master in Management Programme learned from the experiences of young NEOMA graduates in this session of “My Professional Pitch”, organised by NEOMA’s Talent & Career department.

It gave students the chance to test their command of oral communication techniques, especially public speaking, including the elevator pitch and story telling.

In front of an audience of their peers, the students had to convince a jury made up of alumni and NEOMA professors. They had five minutes to present their professional or personal background following their first internship or experience in a student society.

The students appreciated in particular the time that had to talk with the young graduates. In fact, the young graduates were in their place not that long ago and they were able to provide them with professional feedback suited to their stage in life.

It was also an opportunity for the students to come in contact with the strength of the NEOMA alumni network.

Associated programme

Master in Management

With the Master in Management become a top-level business leader, capable of meeting the expectations of organisations all over the world.
  • Full time
  • 2 to 3 years
  • Reims, Rouen