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The NEOMA Business School Reims Campus Junior Enterprise works to support NEOMA BS Foundation.

Reims Junior Enterprise and NEOMA Business School Foundation have defenced the same values for many years: equality, excellence and entrepreneurship.
The different officers of this official student society have always provided the Foundation team with human and technical support.
Today, they have gone one step further. This year’s team have just made a donation of € 1 000 to enable a brilliant student in financial difficulty to benefit from an academic scholarship.

Interview with Alexandre DARDEL, President of Reims Junior Conseil 2013-2014:

  • Why did you decide to support the School’s Foundation?

First of all, we want to get involved in all NEOMA Business School Foundation projects at our own level, and in particular those that finance scholarships for students that need them. We believe that this is an important project, and we are proud to be part of it.
Moreover, we want to promote the work of the Foundation among the students.  In our view, the involvement of student societies is the best way of achieving this.

  • Which of the Foundation’s projects matter most to you?  

The Foundation project that matters most to us is financing student scholarships.
It would indeed be very harmful, both for brilliant students to be prevented from having a top-quality education, and for the School to be unable to give top students a chance simply for financial reasons.  
Moreover, the fact that NEOMA BS Foundation makes it a point of honour to promote and encourage entrepreneurship impresses us particularly as Junior-Entrepreneurs.

  • What would you say to other student societies to encourage them to follow your initiative?

I would just say that the vocation of a society is not to make significant profits or build up large amounts of assets: it only has to guarantee its financial security and certain one-off investments.
Given this fact, why not encourage projects for the benefit of students, their School and its reputation?
Nobody will ever promote a School and its projects better than the students.

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