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Thematics :

Ensuring fully satisfactory conditions for the whole of our student community is one of NEOMA Business School’s social commitments.
EY (formerly Ernst & Young), which shares this position, helps us to fund the provision of facilities for the school’s disabled students. In March 2014 we formed a partnership to work together to integrate disabled students: this agreement enables NEOMA Business School to pursue many different initiatives to increase social diversity on our campuses.

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With the support of EY and the shared experience of its HR department, NEOMA BS can acquire facilities and equipment to facilitate access to information and teaching. Meetings with senior EY consultants will help to make all students, whether disabled or not, aware of the importance of a firm’s HR policy for the successful integration of disabled staff.

The term accessibility is often reduced to the notion of access to buildings, but it also implies access to communication, training and information.
Thus accessibility can impact the construction of a website, course design and content, IT equipment, the management of space or written and oral communication.

A disability can be visible or invisible, temporary or permanent, linked to a deficiency or the consequence of an illness, physical or the cause of social problems.  For this reason, each specific situation and the surrounding environment must be taken into account together.

EY supports NEOMA BS to help build an environment that helps everyone to study in higher education and make the most of their abilities.