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Something new for the start of the ECAL Cora school year

Published on 26 October 2020 by NEOMA

  • retail

The ECAL Cora programme has been further revamped to correspond even better to the Cora brand’s development and needs in terms of training and recruitment. A review of the start of the new academic year for the 13 incoming students.


The ECAL Cora training programme has become a real springboard towards Cora hypermarket managerial positions, with the opportunity to manage a team.

The 13 new students, aged between 20 and 35, one third of whom are already employed at Cora, are to benefit from a restructuring of the programme for the start of the 2020 academic year, which corresponds to the organisational changes made to Cora Hypermarkets. The company has opted to do away with the ‘Department manager’ position in favour of a position offering greater autonomy and responsibility, such as Offer Manager, Supply Manager, Drive-thru Manager and Fresh Produce Manager.


Throughout the course of their training, which is undergoing constant development in response  to current and future commercial realities, the students will discover and develop their skills in 4 main areas: commercial offer, supplies, fresh produce and e-commerce.

ECAL Cora Joris

“I joined CORA SOISSONS as a trainee whilst studying for my Professional Baccalaureate in Commerce, and then as a seasonal receptionist during my Commercial Unit Management diploma course. After 7 years’ professional experience in the field of sport and education, I’ve decided to return to the commerce sector as I would like to be a retail distribution manager.  The ECAL Cora programme on a work-study option at CORA BLOIS suits me perfectly,” says Joris BIARD, one of the new students.

The NEOMA students receive a professional contract from CORA for the duration of their studies, meaning they can very quickly put their new skills into practice.

ECAL Cora Jade

I am really interested in learning more and more about the retail distribution sector, as well as management and control management, so the ECAL Cora training is the perfect opportunity for me. Being able to combine work in a company with the quality teaching at a school like NEOMA gives us the chance to secure a bright future the retail sector due to the diploma’s reputation,” says Jade Delalin, another new student.

Training: a key factor when it comes to developing the skillset of the CORA staff members

Every year, the Cora Training Institute, in partnership with NEOMA, provides a new intake of students on the ECAL Cora programme with an attractive and dynamic experience both in the classroom and out in the field. Jean-Yves PERICAT, Head of the Cora Training Institute, is delighted with this partnership: “Training is a key factor when it comes to developing the skillset of the CORA staff members. The company invests heavily in this area and it is a pleasure to support our employees and give them the opportunity to achieve their own professional success.”


Once graduated, the 13 students will have the necessary skillset to assume commercial, supervisory and management roles. They will also be able to take on management positions in a Cora hypermarket, thereby accelerating their professional careers in just 8 months.


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Associated programme

Retail Operations Manager – ECAL

Study retail and work in a dynamic and motivating sector that has constant recruitment needs in upper management! Comes with a vocational training contract. Developed in partnership with the CORA supermarket group. Degree certified Level III, CNCP registered.

  • Paris ou Reims ou Rouen

  • 9 months

  • French

  • Baccalaureate plus professional experience or two years of higher education

  • Part-time sandwich

  • Level-6 RNCP certification/ RNCP file No. 19369: Retail Operational Manager

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