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Thematics :

This year, “Speed-recruiting on line,” which was launched on the Rouen campus in 2015, is being opened up to all 1800 students registered for specialisations in the Master in Management programme. Organised by the TCDU (Talent and Career Development Unit), this teaching exercise has established itself as particularly useful in a context where online recruitment is increasingly widespread in the job market. A first session was proposed this autumn.

“Students studying specialised courses at the end of their studies are preparing to join the world of work,” explains Nathalie Marty, Personal Development Manager, who is in charge of the scheme. “So it is important for them to be ready for every recruitment technique so that they can confidently plan their first job search. Offering them such an exercise is thus a logical step.”

Thus, between 23 and 30 September, the 600 specialised major students involved in the first session of online speed-recruiting were invited to log on to the “VisioTalent” platform, a business set up by to graduates from our Master in Management programme, which offers firms the possibility of conducting interviews by video replay. They had to promote their career and personality by answering 5 questions in 5 minutes. The video interview can then be replayed, and the panels of professional recruiters can discover the candidate’s profile and strengths in a few minutes.

In virtually real-life conditions the students were assessed by around 30 representatives of the business world. "With speed-recruiting on line, our students benefitted from the opinions of firms that are used to recruiting young graduates. And even if it is not the primary objective, the scheme also provides them with an opportunity to be selected by one of the firms, as happened last year,” continues Nathalie. Each video was given a number of stars (from 1 to 5), along with comments to help the students identify areas for improvement and prepare themselves better for a possible online pre-recruitment process, this time with a real job as the prize.

On 3 November, the students attended a debriefing presentation, at which they received direct feedback from the professionals on their performance. During the presentation, the founder of VisioTalent stressed the excellent level of the students’ videos, and the degree to which they took into account the advice given at the beginning of the exercise. A human resources representative from Leroy Merlin was also present to share with them her reaction to the students’ performance as a potential recruiter.

This exercise is in line with the desire of NEOMA Business School to develop innovative pedagogy to serve learners and improve their learning experience.

In the spring of 2017, new sessions will be organised on our Rouen and Reims campuses for Master in Management Major students.