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Thematics :

The Master in Management induction seminar were organised on the Reims and Rouen campuses, for more than a thousand students in all. Entitled “Starting Days,” the four-day seminar focuses on the topic of entrepreneurial creativity.

Working in teams, the students’ mission is to transform an innovative idea into a viable organisation.

This practical task, an example of the experiential teaching methods in use at NEOMA BS, combines different disciplines, such as Marketing, Human Resources, and Finance. It enables students to work on several key skills they will need in their future working life, for example working in teams, sharing information and managing uncertainty.

This year, the students had to develop an innovative product or service in the field of sport.

“Working with the different firms that agreed to accompany us in this venture, we realised that the NEOMA Business School values of openness, respect, entrepreneurship, and excellence correspond completely with the values of sport” explains Magali Chautard, Project Manager for the NEOMA BS TCDU (Talent and Career Development Unit).

One of the partners of the Starting Days, Eric Girardin, Vice-President of Champagne Châlons Reims Basketball club (CCRB) adds that “in sport, it is team spirit that drives us forward. In business life, the same phenomenon is the same: you never achieve anything on your own, but united we stand!”

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