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Two projects created by EMBA students were selected in June for incubation. Presentation of Distribution 23 and L’Agent de Start’Ups by the new entrepreneurs.

You can have the best idea in the world, but if you don’t have any assistance it is more difficult, even impossible to get the idea off the ground!”. These comments make even more sense coming from Diana GONZALEZ, EMBA student and founder of the newly incubated project, L'Agent de Start'ups. Her concept? An Open Innovation platform based on a matchmaking algorithm. The platform is designed to put newly launched start-ups with expertise in one or more technologies in contact with companies seeking to improve their services or processes through innovation. The aim is to create business partnerships in a short sales cycle. The start-up will be boosted by the assistance of the Incubator. “Take a step backwards, be constantly challenged to reach your objectives and receive expert advice are just a few of the reasons why we are delighted to join the NEOMA BS Incubator!”

Distribution 23 has been created by Yannick BABAKANA and Boualem HARZOUZ, also EMBA students. “The idea behind the start-up is to develop the overseas activities of French food product wholesalers. Our mission is to simplify access to fresh European produce to international markets, starting with cheese.” The two new entrepreneurs already benefit from the support of the school’s incubator and its expertise in business creation. “NEOMA BS Incubator has enabled us to boost the development of our project with multiple possibilities for expansion. The support of the Incubator is extremely helpful in getting this challenging adventure off the ground.

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