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Thematics :

We believe that entrepreneurship is not just a skill or a business activity but a real state of mind.

Each spring for the past six years, we’ve put on the events NEOMA BS Start Up and Powered by NEOMA BS. These two key moments in the campus life at our school each year illustrate our desire to instruct students who possess real entrepreneurial abilities.


This annual student contest for creating start-ups is co-organised by the NEOMA BS Reims campus, POTENTIEL, a local operator for the Champagne-Ardenne student entrepreneur centre PEPITE, and their partners. Through this full-scale educational initiative, the school pursues its goal of instilling the entrepreneurial spirit in its students, and on a larger scale, the entire student community in Reims and the surrounding region.

For two days students work in multidisciplinary teams that are overseen by teachers from NEOMA BS in order to develop a innovative business concept. This exercise is an opportunity for students to learn about entrepreneurship and develop certain key skills: understanding the entrepreneur’s role, applying the skills necessary for creating new businesses or new activities within existing businesses, becoming involved project management, etc.

->Watch the video of the 6th edition held on March 17 and 18, 2016, on the Reims campus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcJWVHGIO3o

Powered by NEOMA BS 

Financed by the NEOMA BS incubator, this event takes place each year over an entire day during which all those in the school community who are interested in entrepreneurship get together to learn about and discuss the business creation projects presented by students and graduates. Conferences, pitch contests, the Focus on Start-ups event, and an awards ceremony are put on throughout the day, bringing much-deserved attention to the projects and encouraging synergy between different members of the community.

The event also involves local players with a growing number of exhibition participants in the “Focus on Start-ups” (30 in 2016): start-up creators, project leaders and partners in the network of innovations present their various activities and skills. A great opportunity to start or expand your network of contacts!