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On Wednesday, 16 November, NEOMA organised a recruitment forum on its Rouen and Reims campuses, which turned out to be an enormous success. No less than 93 businesses attended, and they greeted thousands of students from our business school throughout the day. The students were delighted to come into contact with a wide range of companies in such a short time span, where they could identify the best contacts and understand their hiring needs. Three companies share their experience at this forum.


Alice Pottiée-Sperry, digital transformation consultant at mc2i

alice pottiée

As a NEOMA graduate, I was happy to attend the forum since we really wanted to show the students the diversity of our job positions and also give them guidance and support. For us, the day was very rewarding. We recruited very different profiles since NEOMA offers a variety of Master’s programmes and specialisations. Several profiles can match up with our job posts, whether it’s in consulting or for internal functions at mc21.



Ilana Eschbach, school relations and hiring director at Lacoste

It was the first time Lacoste participated in the NEOMA recruitment forum and we were very happy to be here. We were able to meet a lot of students and students with very different nationalities. It’s very interesting for us because we recruit profiles from all types of backgrounds in the world. A lot of the students have experience from all over the globe. And if I had to sum up this day in three words, it would be goodwill, atmosphere and recruitment.



Grégoire Fleureau, director of a R&D centre at Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain brings together a wide diversity of activities and professions. So, we regularly look for young graduates for support functions in our group. What we find interesting about this forum is that we can meet NEOMA students with very diverse profiles. This diversity is also one of the school’s recruitment assets. In three words, we found that the students are open, dynamic and enthusiastic.”