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Thematics :

The Champagne & Wine Management specialisation is a sector-specific and multi-disciplinary programme offered to students in the final year of NEOMA Business School Master in Management.
The aim of this course is to introduce students to the world of wine and champagne (production, management, finance, supply chain, marketing, sales, economics, etc.) through 150 hours of lectures and 60 hours of conferences/visits/meetings. “The programme is based on the engaging and stimulating involvement of a wide range of speakers, including teacher-researchers and sector experts, to ensure that students gain specific theoretical knowledge that is firmly grounded in reality... with the added benefit of meetings with professionals,” says Gaëlle Le GUIRRIEC-MILNER, Associate Professor in the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department and Head of the specialisation.

Created in 2017, the CWM specialisation welcomes its 3rd class of Master in Management students this year, some of whom already have sound terroirs and wine knowledge and/or have completed an internship or project with companies in the wine and spirits sector. While not all of them aspire to careers in Champagne or other wine-growing regions in France or abroad, they are all keen to discover the world of wine and gastronomy and broaden their knowledge in this field.

The first event organised as part of the 2019 programme involved a visit to Maison Ruinart and its cellars, hosted by Mr Olivier Livoir, Hospitality Manager.

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